Website Feature Dark Yellow Dot

I plan on utilizing this blog to share more updates about my process and studio life. But in the meantime I am excited to write about and share that my work has been featured on the Dark Yellow Dot Website as an emerging artist. On the website there is a feature of a few select works as well as an abbreviated artist biography. Dark Yellow Dot is a website platform that encourages and support artists who are passionate about leading a creative lives, and are beginning their careers as artistic entrepreneurs. It is a great feeling to have my work be selected for it's quality and process. One of the biggest struggles I have had as an artist is ensuring that everyday I enter the studio I am trying to make artwork that is authentic to my experience, and that I am making for myself. All I am sure of is that I need to trust and follow that basic intuition that tells me to make another mark, to explore a new color or texture, or to record the world (and landscapes) the way I see it. In that process I am so close to the work that sometimes I forget to take a step back and appreciate the growth I have experienced in the last year as an artist and as a person. This affirms for me to trust myself more, to never give up hope, and always to keep making marks, because you never know where the next one will lead.

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