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I plan on utilizing this blog to share more updates about my process and studio life. But in the meantime I am excited to write about and share that my work has been featured on the Dark Yellow Dot Website as an emerging artist. On the website there is a feature of a few select works as well as an abbreviated artist biography. Dark Yellow Dot is a website platform that encourages and support artists who are passionate about leading a creative lives, and are beginning their careers as artistic entrepreneurs. It is a great feeling to have my work be selected for it's quality and process. One of the biggest struggles I have had as an artist is ensuring that everyday I enter the studio I am trying to make artwork that is authentic to my experience, and that I am making for myself. All I am sure of is that I need to trust and follow that basic intuition that tells me to make another mark, to explore a new color or texture, or to record the world (and landscapes) the way I see it. In that process I am so close to the work that sometimes I forget to take a step back and appreciate the growth I have experienced in the last year as an artist and as a person. This affirms for me to trust myself more, to never give up hope, and always to keep making marks, because you never know where the next one will lead.

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Process Makes Perfect

One thing that I have battled throughout my career as an artist is trusting in myself to make mistakes and to be un-precious about my process and sometimes the work that comes out of it. A painting will be across the studio itching and begging to be completed, to have another mark made across the surface, but my nagging self-doubt and inner critic comes out and makes me hesitate to act and react to a process that sometimes feels so natural. Sometimes to get myself out of that head space I will do many automatic small paintings on paper to explore new colors, new formations or to feel less attached to the work, and often time it yields beautiful results and new discoveries. Especially with spectators I think it is tricky to feel like you are doing justice to your work. But following that intuition is so important.

Training the Eye to See

A change of scenery and landscape often can help to de-clutter the mind and at the same time re-organize and re-energize your perspective. When I am traveling I always feel as if I am chasing that sense of expanse, that opens, the sense of getting lost in a landscape, only to find myself again. Nature has always been the place where I turn to find that greater internal feeling that I am part of a beautiful and organic process. The relationships between sea, sky, and land are what drives my work. Whether its a day hike, a short, road trip or traveling to Ireland in the UK to explore forgotten coves and hidden lakes of Conor Pass as the photo below shows. I like to find moments of quiet in a landscape where bodies of water and sky meet translating in my mind to lines and blocks of color. There is no better feeling than placing the first mark on a clean canvas and slowly letting go of the fear of preciousness, to embrace where my own hand's will take me.  The last year has been a discovery process for me. As I absorb more of the world around me I turn to paint to decipher all the nuances I see. I begin with small color studies and almost scientific gestation of places, usually tied to water, I can dissect these into line, shape and blocks of color and apply them into a composition. This process of abstraction is a recording of how I see and experience the world around me. 

Panoramic View From an Outlook on Connor's Pass, En Route to Dingle Ireland 

Panoramic View From an Outlook on Connor's Pass, En Route to Dingle Ireland 

Welcome to my site!

Launch Day!!! So excited to be sharing a little bit of what goes on inside my artistic mind. This site will be a place for me to share information about work, exhibits, and the process of making which for me is the most important part of being an artist. My process allows me to explore and question my own intuition and creative thinking. It is a A give and take between the work and myself. It is in it's nature a reflexive process of creating tension and releasing it through movement, gesture, and mark. That is what it's all about.