Cliffs of Moher, Co Clare Ireland 




I am an abstract painter living outside of Boston Massachusetts. I grew up in the heart of the Adirondack Park in upstate New York where I was surrounded by nature in its wildest and purest form. This landscape has become a part of me, and has found a lasting place in my creative process.  I have always felt very connected to nature and I seek to explore that relationship through my work. I am drawn to bodies of water, their fluidity, movement, power, and beauty. I seek to translate the natural energy of the physical environment into gesture, form, color, line, and texture. My process itself requires fluidity, exploration, and intuitive mark making as I respond to each place I visit by creating a visual language that reflects how a place looks aesthetically and more importantly, how it feels. Each mark leads me to the next as I use action and reaction to map the world as I see it.



Most of my ideation process happens out in the field; when I am painting I try to recall a sense of a place as I abstract the landscape and explore the connections and relationships between land, water, and sky. In that way I can understand my own bodies relationship to the environment. It is a tactile and physical process that requires me to let go of the notion of preciousness and embrace each present moment. Using all my senses I record how the environment sounds, looks, and feels in marks and colliding color forms. In this investigative process I utilize elements from the physical environment as materials in addition to watercolor, acrylic, and mixed media materials. My work is a reflection of how  perceive myself within nature and how my sense of self and identity can change depending on the environment I am currently existing in. I create this work so that I can carry these places with me always, and so others can look at my artwork and feel comfort as they experience the rush of the water, the quiet of the woods, and the earth beneath their feet.


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